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Birthday Calendar

This is the Birthday Calendar of our family.

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Wed. 6/27 9:00 AM AvengingDoodler's birthday

Sun. 7/1 12:00 PM Dreamkiller's Birthday

Wed. 7/4 All day Truth's Birthday

Sun. 7/8 All day Jolo's birthday

Thu. 7/12 9:00 AM Prince Kenneth's birthday

Sun. 7/15 All day green-robin's birthday

Mon. 7/16 All day Superdaredevil's Birthday
Fri. 7/20 All day Iron Samer's Birthday
Mon. 7/30 All day TheMetalFox's birthday

TheMetalFox's birthday

Our great FDR! Today is his birthday, so I dont wanna see any messages without Happy birthdat today!



7:00 AM Iron Samer's Birthday

Tue. 8/7 1:00 PM Nutz's birthday
Wed. 8/8 All day Rhodsie's birthday

All day Alister's birthday

Sat. 8/18 All day Maiden's birthday

Fri. 9/7 All day Maeve's birthday

All day Parra's birthday

Sun. 9/9 All day Caher's birthday

Thu. 9/13 All day Fabio's birthday

Mon. 10/1 All day Marco's birthday

Thu. 10/4 All day Mamm's Birthday

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