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19 years old
?ngelholm, Sweden
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The Keepers of Souls - Second site
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I used to play on guest account from 2007-2010/2011. My first account was made in 2010/2011 with the name "Jupem". One day, I didn't rememberd my password and my hotmail got hacked. So I made a new acc, called "Jupemeriksson", which I use this days.

21th July 2011, I were leveling up at Teleport 10. I had the clan tag "Swedish" and LittleMurder found me there. She asked me if I were from Sweden and if I would like to join KS. She explained for me what KS means and bringed me to KS base. Insanesceptorguy and Maiden, my first friends after LittleMurder, had a duel about who were gonna rank me, which Insane won (Canada powers didn't worked this days ;)). He ranked me to SMJR (Sergeant Major) and got promo after promo.

One day, at my first tournament, I met two persons of KS. Both those became good friends of me. It was DESERT-EAGLE and Electro aka Extreme-Power. Those two have been one of the most important of my whole history in KS.

I got my first function at autumn 2011 or spring 2012. It was RG (Royal Guard). I got later AM (Ambassador) and SG (Soul Guider).

At 13th November 2012 (officially 14th November 2012), I was a part of the new leadership as Council. At the same time, Exo and Bjorn became Co-Leaders after KSÊ, as I took over a gap of Council from Fatty, Xena and KSÊ.

These days, I am officially the only member of KS with the Ikea Power which is also why I got an account called "Ikea-Power" with alts. Other accounts I also got is "Firenze" and "Commander-IKEA".

I'm the owner of the KS Radio and the only broadcaster. You will find the radio at:

You can contact me at:
MSN - [email protected]
Skype - projoakimeriksson
Facebook -
Playstation Network - znuttizboy

"I'd rather die than leave KS" KS 'till the end!

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