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Dreamkiller's Story

~KS Fantasy Story~

The Keepers Of Souls

The Beginning

There once was a man, the greatest man to ever be conceived. Now, people think of him like a god. This was not always so however. It all started say, 3 or so years back. This man was walking alone, down a dirt path. This path was in the middle of a forest, it leads to a bar. This bar is only known to those who already know where it is. As this man, with a scraggly beard coated with dust, from his long journey, walked down this path he is joined by a young woman. This woman has the purest of blond hair, it looks as if it was grown of the sun itself. She wore a leather studded cloak with a cutlass hanging from her belt. This woman introduces herself, “hey, I’m Kappa! Are u going to ‘The Metal Fox bar’ too?” The man looks at her with caring eyes and replies “Of course I am, do you have business there,” he asks with a strange and sudden distrust. “actually yes I do,” replied Kappa. “If you don’t mind my asking, what business could YOU possibly have at that bar?” said the man. “well I am looking to join up with someone who can lead people to greatness, and possibly create a new empire!” she replied enthusiastically. As they trudged on in bitter silence this man, got to thinking, that perhaps he could do that!

They finally reach the bar of ‘The Metal Fox’, the man holds the door for Kappa then follows he inside. The bar is shaped like an oval, with several chairs around old, wooden, carved up tables. The man orders a strong beer and goes into a dark corner of the room and sits at an empty table. Some people in the bar eye him suspiciously, but soon return to their drinks. After a few minutes, the door to the old hidden bar cracks in half. A man who looks so hideous, so treacherous, so merciless that any in that room could have sworn that it was the devil himself who just broke open that door. “my name is DOOM I have come here to make sure that ’The Metal Fox’ will stand no longer! All of you will perish her today, resistance is FUTILE!” Doom said with such ferocity than nearly everyone in the room took a step back. Our hero sitting in the back of the bar began to laugh hysterically. “And what are you laughing at young blood!?!” bellowed Doom. Our hero replies, “I just find the idea of perishing here, heh heh by your heh hand Hahaha. Oohhhh its just such a joke!” Now Doom is furious, he shoves past several bystanders, literally flinging them across the room so they bashed through the wooden walls of the bar. The man stands up from his chair nearly knocking it backwards. He flips his heavy cloak off his right shoulder, and in the blink of an eye pulls out a miniature crossbow, already loaded with a bronze bolt. As Doom rushed toward our hero he notices the crossbow and attempts to zigzag in a futile attempt to confuse the man. But the man is quick, almost unnaturally quick and shoots the crossbow at his mark. The bolt flies true and straight to its mark. The bolt strikes Doom right through the thought, and shattering the spinal cord. Doom was dead before he hit the ground, blood spurting from his jugular vein. All inside the bar revel him a hero, as they search for the owner. The owner is eventually found sprawled dead on the ground, just outside one of the many holes is the wall, from Doom’s rampage. 

Our hero becomes the new owner and proprietor of The Metal Fox bar. As no one, not even our hero knows his name, our hero decides to take the name of the bar as his own. Now our hero answers to the name of “Metalfox”. Kappa sees that this could be the hero she would like to join up with. She walks over to The Metalfox, and stands near him. “So where are you headed now?” asks Kappa. “Well I figure ill go explore and possibly start my own kingdom.” replies the Metalfox. “Well would you mind if I joined you in your most honorable conquest?” questioned Kappa. “Of course you may, if it be your wish.” said the Metalfox. They exit together, with half of the men and women following them, as they also wish to be disciples of this great hero who saved all their lives. The names of the most memorable of them were, Luna and Maiden, two of the barmaids from “The Metal Fox.” there was also, Parranorria, Scythe, and TruePinoy, three of the Knights of Bane who have been coming to the bar ever since they could drink. They all hop onto their horses and begin their long truck down the dirt path, through the huge forest. The group finally arrives in a large meadow. Here they set up camp. Their camp is set up for several months when the people begin to build a small castle, and other people who have heard of a new kingdom starting up, began to trickle in and help make homes and families.

The Quest

“Well Kappa, I’m going to go out on an adventure to find my destiny,” said the Metalfox. “But you will be back right?” questioned Kappa, as he patiently did not want her valiant leader to leave his new and growing kingdom. “Of course I will be back, nothing could keep me away, but I must do this, and I must do it alone,” the Metalfox says as he looks away from Kappa, “I leave tomorrow, you are in charge while I’m gone, take care.” 
It is still dawn when the Metalfox rides out of the castle. He can smell the fresh dew on the ground, and his horses bridle is still cold from the long hard night. It begins to snow as he rides down the road. The Metalfox pulls his heavy cloak around his shivering body tighter. His horse halts and stomps the ground, neighing loudly. “What is it boy?” He asks, hurriedly looking around. Finally he spots what is wrong, there is a giant snake in the middle of the road.

This snake was as big as a tree trunk, and it completely blended in with the snow covered ground. The Metalfox feels a strange aura emitting from this snake. One that he has never felt in his life before. He climbs of his horse and immediately sinks knee deep in the snow. He wades through the snow towards the snake, his ornate long sword drawn. He stops just in front of the gigantic snake. The snake raises its colossal head and stares straight at the Metalfox. “WHO DARES DISTURB MY SLUMBER?!” bellows the huge snake. “That would be me, my god.” the Metalfox says as he bows humbly to the snake. “And who are you exactly mortal!” snarled the snake. “It is I, the Metalfox, I have come to you, my lord, seeking my destiny.” replied the Metalfox coldly. “Bah! If ye be looking for destiny you must see Milanthus is the Drinn Cave in southern flagrant.” explained the snake with the unbearable slowness that one would use when speaking to a small child. “As you wish my lord.” says the Metalfox as he bows, he crosses his arm across his chest, fist clenched. 



The Metalfox arrives in the town of Feildsburg. Fieldsburg has walls taller than the highest redwood. The Metalfox rides through the large grated steel gate. “welcome to the free city of Feildsburg, come one, come all!” declared the herald as the Metalfox rode through. Looking about, he can see many inns, taverns, and brothels, with bright and colorful signs advertising them. He spots a sign in front of a somewhat cozy looking inn called “The Iron Maiden.” and tethers his horse on the antique tethering post. He can hear the merriment and festivities of the drunk and the sober mingling within the inn. The Metalfox opens the door and strides in, as he does several people, being the closest to the door, turn around to inspect the new arrival. He ignores them and strides up to the bar, just past the large blazing fire pit in the middle of the large room. “Hello sir, I’m maiden, how may I help you” said the lady the desk, with a smile.

I need a room for the night, along with a place to stable my horse.” replied the Metalfox. “of course sir, that will 13 brass foals.” stated Maiden. The Metalfox slaps down a silver eagle on the bar, “keep the change,” the Metalfox said, winking. “Uh, oh, um, er thank you sir!” said Maiden, “just follow me to your room.” Maiden takes out a key from under the bar. And strides toward a staircase. As the Metalfox follows her, she is thinking souly on his kindness and muscular arms. They reach the top of the stairs so they are on the third floor. There is an ornate rug covering the length of the hall. “So, if you don’t mind my asking, what brings you to Feildsburg?” Maiden inquired. “Well, my lovely, I am traveling to Drinn Cave for er, personal reasons.” replied the Metalfox. “oh Drinn Cave?! No one who has ever gone there has ever returned! You mustn’t go to that terrible place!” exclaimed maiden. “Well there’s a first time for everything” stated the Metalfox coldly. “Oh um yes of course sir, and it would appear that we are here.” Maiden said as she unlocked the door and stepped in. The Metalfox follows Maiden into the room. “Is the room okay sir?” asked Maiden. “Yes yes everything is fine.” replied the Metalfox as he heavily dropped his bags next to the bed.

As Maiden puts the key on one of the side tables, just below a marvelous painting of some strange and foreign god, just inside the doorway, “Okay sir, if you need anything at all, just come down and ask.” states Maiden. “Yes, of course” the Metalfox replies, as he takes off his heavy cloak, revealing a large array of different weapons. Maiden cant help but stare at all the weapons, before bowing and hurrying off so tend the bar. The Metalfox immediately puts one of his 2 small crossbows under his pillow, along with a dagger, then proceeds to place all of his other weapons on the table at the foot of the bed. The Metalfox then goes down to the main room of the inn and gets some grub, then returns to his room for a fitful sleep.


The Follower

The Metal fox is now traveling towards South Flagrant. It is snowing heavily. Just moments after his horse trots upon the ground the hoof prints disappear in a fresh coating of snow. As he rides, he is eerily aware of some one following him through the underbrush. every sings time he turns around the person disappears behind a tree, or under a bush. He no longer constantly looks behind him to see the disappearing stranger. As the night approaches, the Metalfox hops off his horse, and begins to set up camp. He sets his bedroll next to his blazing fire, that he lit with his travel-worn tinderbox. The Metalfox sits down on a log next to the fire he built, opposite his bedroll. “ you know if your going to follow me, you might as well come sit by the fire.” the Metalfox stated loudly. After several minutes maiden slowly emerged from the brush and sat down beside the Metalfox. “So, why are you following me Maiden?” asked the Metalfox coldly. “I I, I just couldn’t bare it at that inn any longer, its full of drunkards, and sleazebags.
And, well I saw the way you looked at me. So I um well figured that you would be my best bet to get out of that dreadful town!” pleaded Maiden. “Well I guess I have no choice than to take you with me now.” sighed the Metalfox. “Oh thank you kind sir,” replied Maiden thankfully. “You must be cold.” said the Metalfox as he pulls her close and wraps half his cloak around her shoulders. The Metalfox wakes up early and sees maiden still sound asleep in her bedroll, set next to his. The Metalfox packs up his bedroll and cooking instruments, back onto his horse. He then takes out some dried fruit and begins munching on it. After he had his fill he decided to wake up Maiden, as she had not yet eaten and they needed to get underway towards Drinn Cave. “pppssstttt Maiden, get up.” said the Metalfox as he gently shook Maiden’s shoulder. Maiden’s eyes flutter open, “oh, is it time to get going already?” inquired Maiden. “yeah” replied the Metalfox as he helped her up, and put some dried fruit in her delicate hand. As she was eating the food, the Metalfox packed up her bedroll into the horses saddle bag. They are now riding on the horse, Maiden sitting in front of the Metalfox, and are on their way to Drinn cave.


Drinn Cave

After several more days of travel the couple finally arrive in South Flagrant. Flagrant is much to the same design and look as the city the Metalfox found Maiden in. They walk into the nearest inn and the Metalfox busy them both rooms adjacent to each other. In the morning the Metalfox got his horse and packed it up with enough food for a few days. After tying the horse to a metal pole along the side of the inn, he went inside and knocked on maiden’s door. The door creaks open a crack. “Oh hi Metalfox! Can I help you with something?” inquired Maiden. “Just wanted to say I’m going to Drinn Cave now, just wanted to leave you some money for food and other things of that nature.” says the Metalfox, as he hands her a small money purse through the small crack. “how long will you be gone?” asked maiden. “I’m not sure, but it wont be longer than a fortnight.” replied the metal fox, “now I must be off, I will be back for you soon my dear.” said the Metalfox as he kissed her gently on the cheek.

In about 6 days he reaches Drinn Cave. He can feel the powerful aura of magic emitting out of the cave like sweat. His mount is refusing to go further toward the cave. So he ties him to the nearest tree, and takes his long sword from the saddle. Wielding his long sword he slowly enters the cave. As he enters he can smell the death and decay that has taken place there in previous years. He can see a feint glowing light at the back of the cave. As he gets closer he can see that the light is emitting from a small disk on a wooden end table. As he approaches a hologram pops up. It is a dark figure, dressed in pure black robes, holding a scythe in hand. “what do you require in this cave?” asked the Dark Lord with a scowl. “I require the wisdom of my destiny, oh great one.” answered the Metalfox. “very well, your destiny is to be the Keeper of All Souls, you and your followers will keep the souls of those who have passed away. Take this disk that I am projecting from to give you the power to keep the souls. Do not let it fall into the wrong hands.” said the Dark Lord coldly. “thank you mi, lord.” said the Metalfox humbly as he bowed and took the small disk. Tucking it securely into his pocket he exit’s the cave. 


Home sweet Home

As the Metalfox reaches the town that he left Maiden at, he sees her waiting for him at the front gate. “Maiden, you shouldn’t be out here in the snow,” the Metalfox said sternly. “but I didn’t want to wait for you to get to the inn, I wanted to see you as soon as I could.” replied Maiden. The Metalfox extends a hand to Maiden, and pulls her up onto the horse in front of him. “This will be our last night here, then we will head back to my kingdom.” stated the Metalfox. “Yes, that sounds like a plan.” said Maiden. In the morning they pack up their stuff on the horse. And the Metalfox heads into town to purchase another horse, for Maiden. When he returns Maiden has finished packing up the horse, and is just waiting for him to return. He gets back and they head off for the Metalfox’s kingdom. Finally after several fortnights of travel through the snow they arrive at the kingdom near nightfall. The castle has come together quite nicely since the Metalfox left a year ago. “Halt! Stay where you are and state your business here!” declared one of the 2 guards standing before the bridge leading into the castle. The Metalfox can see that these are not any of the people he had met before he had gone out on his quest. “Well, most people call me the Metalfox, now are you going to let me in or not?” replied the Metalfox coldly. “Oh please, you cant be the Metalfox, he left on a quest and is not expected back for another month!” exclaimed the guard.

“I finished earlier than expected, now I suggest you let me in or you will not like the consequences.” stated the Metalfox coolly. After a moments hesitation they decided that the risk was too high that he was really the Metalfox and let him and Maiden in. The Metalfox lead Maiden to the guestroom, and he heads off to his own room where he enjoys a fitful sleep. Dreaming of his homecoming to this beautiful castle with a large statue of a dragon in the town square. He awakes to a knock on his door. “Come in.” says the Metalfox as he sits up in his bed. Kappa strides in, “You took your sweet time getting here, and I see you brought someone with you”. “Oh eh yeah well I must make an announcement tomorrow, please take care of the preparations.” said the Metalfox. “Oh of course sir, I will get right on that.” replied kappa as she hurries out of the room. The following evening there are over 100 people gathered in the town square. 


The Speech

“Greetings all!” began the Metalfox, standing on the dragon’s head, “I, the Metalfox have returned from my quest. During the quest, I have learned that me and my followers will become the keepers of souls! It is our job to guide all lost souls and keep the souls that we identify as good enough for this awesome power. I am putting into place a council who will aid me in the decision making. The following people are to be members of the council: Maiden, Luna, Scythe, Xena, Parranoria, True Pinoy, Masterman, Metalrose, Kappa, Baduy, and Hunter. That is all for now.” ended the Metalfox.


- Written by: Brian Duncan A.K.A. ''Dream Killer''

FlamesOnFire's Poem

We fight together in the times of need,

We do not have a blood lust to feed,

We stand with devotion alongside our brothers

The cry of war declares our next roles

We'll fight as murderers

Mercy at zero

But when we die,

We will die... as heroes

 « Original poem by FlamesOnFire »

PowerKing's Poem

The agony of living
Makes my heart cry out.
The pain doesn't stop.
To my heartaches, I´m bound.
My tears drop; I let out a shout.

No Doctors on Earth
May cure my sores,
For what all scars
Are sculpted in my soul.

In the depth of my despair,
I call the Greatest Healer.
The Universe is His Clinic.
I won´t give up!!...
I´m on a rush to get cured
By the Greatest Healer.
So, I take a short cut;
I follow the life´s river.

No one could heal me, except Him.
His Holy Wisdom and guidance
Make my life whole,
For what Jesus is
The Keeper of My Soul.

My time is not His time.
His time is Eternity and forever.
He´s the Life Giver,
The Keeper of My Soul. 

« Original poem by PowerKing »

Rahul's Creation

Siblention's Story

~Guys, I know this isnt related anything to Sherwood buts its a really good story~

Irksome silence filled the part-tin, part-brick warehouse, pestering the two men in their tiny, non-air conditioned office. As the duo sat in their leather chairs brainstorming business ideas, the noiseless menace hassled them like flies. Accompanied by the afternoon’s heatwave, it seemed almost unbearable, even with their jackets hung on their seats. Then, cutting through the quiet, one of the men stood up rapidly, pushing the seat back behind him. ‘I got it!’ he exclaimed, relieved at finally arriving at a self-assuredly feasible idea.
‘What is it, Ricky?’ the other man, still seated, asked.
Before opening his mouth, Ricky ran an olive-skinned hand through his flowing hazel hair, thinking out his answer, so as to not let his excitement trip his ability to string sentences together.
‘We’ll send one of Abdul’s boys to go get this stash of coke the Banksy boys have been hiding. There’s enough money to get us out of debt. How d’you like it, Blake?’
A round-faced Blake moulded his forehead into a V as his eyebrows raised, followed by a smile on his pasty visage.
‘I like it. How much in the stash?’
‘About a hundred kilos, mate.’ Ricky replied confidently.
‘Fifty grand could be paid off twice with that much of the stuff. Why’d you not tell me about it before?’ Blake grew suspicious.
‘No reason really, just wanted to scope other ideas before going to that one straight away. Sort of a last resort.’ Ricky scratched his hair anxiously, knowing that Blake would give him a lecture.
‘Rick, how many times do I have to tell you? In business, the fastest way to get green is the one that comes quickest. No thinking, just act on that decision. Don’t even need a Dummies’ Guide to figure that one out.’
‘Yeah, sorry, boss.’
‘No problem. Go call Abdul to ask about the favour.’ Apology accepted, employee forgiven, business back on track.

The next day the two partners were out celebrating with lunch at the local tavern, since their plan was on its way. In fact, it was being carried out as they rejoiced.
However, in the midst of this merry-making, Ricky would occasionally ask a question out of concern for the one carrying out the JOB. ‘There are a lot of men on the Banksy side. You think Abdul’s guy can manage?’ Ricky watched his boss from behind his untouched beer.
‘Here’s one more for the book, Rick: don’t be negative. Abdul’s boys can handle themselves
Otherwise, the bastards wouldn’t own the richest side of town, would they? Loosen up, will you?’ Blake leaned back on his seat and watched the attractive blonde head waitress pass by.
Rick, on the other hand, paid no heed to the voluptuous maître d’, glancing out instead through the window, still empathising with Abdul’s henchman.
A tug on the shoulder brought his attention back to the cold beer, then to Blake who nodded at the waitress. ‘What d’you think my chances are with her?’
Ricky observed her, noticing only now her beauty and then looked at Blake: his aged features, sagging shoulders and bad breath would not get him in with her kind. Aloud, he said what would get him a raise. ‘Go get her, boss.’
Soon, after an unsuccessful attempt at flirting, his boss left without finishing his drink, leaving Ricky behind to pay the tab.
Blake drove on in his Commodore, brooding like a storm trapped within an urn. The radio was on low volume, a Texan creationist’s ramblings going unheard.
He halted at the intersection. From his right, traffic poured in from behind painted white lines.
Amidst the chaos of the city’s humdrum, screeching tires broke out across the metropolis, like a wailing banshee. CRACK! The unseen car’s ignition burst, followed by the roar of its V8 engine.
Unhearing, Blake thought, that Ricky, he’s never going to get how money works. Abdul’s got this thing under control.
By now the road itself had begun to tremble from the grumble of the roaring vehicle’s torque and sheer power. The light turned green for Blake, who proceeded.
Like a lion leaping out of the bushes, the car swerved out from behind rows of traffic and collided with Blake.
The world spun out of control.
When at last the cars had stopped, Blake crawled out painfully. Every sinew in his body felt like chain mail scraping raw skin. Shattered bones dug into his flesh.
Before death came, he searched for his killer in the crowd of faces, seeing a trail of white powder leading to the other car. The coke! This thought brought an unpleasant memory back: all the times he had told Ricky not to worry about the hired man’s life.
His pain was anaesthetized momentarily by shame. The injuries which seared his body were his stigmata.